TEDx talk finally live!

Can you trust your average doctor?

“I like to call it - you're becoming the CEO of your own health”

Do you know that overwhelming feeling you get, when something you're passionate about, turns into something bigger than just a wild dream?

That is precisely what happened for me a few months ago when I had the honor of standing in front of a thousand people in #Tivoli at the amazing TEDx Copenhagen anniversary event!

A lot of you have asked me in the past what the heck a "biohacker" is...well now you have the chance to see for yourself ;-)

Today my talk is officially live on YouTube, and I would be extremely grateful if you would help me get my message spread around the world, by sharing this post :)

A message from the heart

As some of you know, the topic of using #Biohacking as a toolbox to take control of your health and wellbeing is a topic I feel very passionate about! Not many people get the chance to go through the rigorous approval process it is to be invited as a speaker - especially not at the TEDx Copenhagen event. As such I'm forever grateful that I, one evening last May, got a call out of the blue from the curation leader from the Danish TEDx organization.

Five months later I got up on stage and delivered the talk of my life - literally speaking! I will never forget how hard it was to go through the preparation of the script. In the end, I counted 18 different versions of the scrips and several terabytes of rehearsal videos. A massive feat I couldn't have done without help from my amazing speaker coaches - Jesper Vilstrup and Laura Faurschou.

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Spreading good vibes

Since the live event in Tivoli I have received a ton of kind messages from people who felt inspired by my story and now want to move in the same direction as I did back in 2012! Luckily I have my amazing online community with nearly 1000 fellow biohackers that are all ready to share their insights as well! So if you are not yet a member of the closed Facebook groups, I would suggest you sign up immediately and join the movement :-)

From a personal perspective, my story will continue throughout the rest of my life! I have a couple of online web courses in the making that I'm looking forward to welcoming you to. But for now, please feel free to reach out to me if you want to know more!

Help me out...

If you read this short post to the end and are as grateful as I am for the culture of "sharing is caring", then I would be extremely happy if you would help me to spread the video via Social Media!

See you soon amigos!

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