Inspire Be Social x Biohacking

Last week I had the pleasure of giving a talk on Biohacking and Longevity strategies.

The event was a members-only event hosted by the amazing community Inspire Be Social led by Michael Wilson.

For those who participated and those who didn't - here are my notes 😊

The main topics of my talk:

What is Biohacking?

Shameless selfish plug...I know! But if you really want to understand what biohacking is all about, then you should listen to this danish radio interview I did recently.

Blue Zones

How to live a long and healthy life like those who live to be 100+ years:

The 9 most important learning from the Blue Zones

Blood Sugar Control for increased energy and longevity

Maintaining stable blood sugar levels is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your daily energy levels, your brain, and your health overall. Figuring out how your body deals with the glucose that floods your veins after your digestive system has broken down the carbs you eat, is a simple and important step on the road to becoming a true Biohackinger. A lot of people are boarding line diabetic without knowing it, and dealing with it proactively, before you end up with Type 2 diabetes is a lot easier than once you have the diagnose!

How to measure and control your blood sugar

Buy a good blood glucose monitor here, and remember to purchase at least 10 testing strips here. Next, check out the simple recipe for how you get started with measuring your blood sugar here

Low-Carb meal hacking.

A lot of hacks can be leverages to lower your blood sugar after a meal, but most people don't think about how the preparation of your meal can in itself be a good way to ensure the blood sugar does not rise to unfavorable levels. Check out this fascinating study where a group of scientists found a way to hack white rice to become "low carb" by adding coconut oil in the cooking process and then later cooling it before serving it.

Sleep hacks

For information in Danish on what sleep matters and how you track it I would recommend you listen to the Techtopia podcast/radio show, where I recently got invited to talk about Sleep Tracking.

For more details on how to optimize your sleep, I would recommend you check out my good friend - and medical doctor - Ollie Sovijarvi, who has written a very comprehensive article on this matter.

For a quick hit-list of 15 sleep hacks, I would recommend looking at these slides from Olli's presentation to the Danish Biohacker Community back in September.

Apps, products and services I use

Oura Ring (

Daily sleep and stress tracking (HRV)Discount code: GREENFIELDOURA for 50 EUR off

Sleep Cycle (

Daily habit tracking + tracking of sleep before I had the Oura Ring.

Topics discussed during dinner and Q&A

DNA testing

A lot of people seemed interesting in DNA testing and I promised I would share a few links on where to go and how to get started. It is a simple mail-order saliva test that is super simple to conduct and ship. The "value for money" test that I recommend is a Health + Ancestry DNA Service from 23&me.

If you need help with interpreting your results, feel free to send me and email and we will work something you.

Local Lab Testing

For a comprehensive health test, I would recommend you either contact Nordic Labs and/or work with a good - data-driven - nutrionist like Tine Jørgensen who can do a proper "root cause" analysis of your health issues and help you figure out which tests to take.

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Thanks again for an amazing evening and for all the great questions and energy🙏🏼😊

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