Yes...the page is not perfect yet!

...and that is actually on purpose!

Being a perfectionist, I always strive for delivering the best I've got in me, regardless of the situation or deliverable. However, I've learned that it is both my best side and worst side. Looking back at my life I see that most of my good ideas never actually materialized.

So for that reason, I have decided to start this blog - about my journey from "burnout to build-up" through the Biohacking lifestyle - without it being 100% ready and perfect.

I decided to do so in the spirit of a mantra I adopted from the guys at AJ&Smart a couple of years ago, when I certified as a Design Sprint Master.

"Getting Started is More Important Than Being Right"

This mantra stood out to me as I was sitting in an intense 3 day training session where I was taught to cultivate my creative side when developing concept/app prototypes. I realized how many things in life this could be applied to - not at least taking a step into living a healthy life!

It dawned on me how many people I know that hold back, on getting into a healthy lifestyle because they are waiting for the magic pill or answer that will give them the perfect result. The reality is that you just need to get started - NOW! - instead of thinking it over and over and over and over.

1% per day throughout the year, is better than 20% for a month.

So... have you done your 1% health improvement today?

Stay tuned and I will unpack this topic much more in the coming weeks!

Have an awesome day :-)

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